May 31, 2020

Ask Me Anything #2

Ask Me Anything episode #2 with our community members Mohammed and Abdelkader, During this episode we answer audience questions about programming, community,new technologies and much more.


Mohamed Ez-zarghili

Abdelkader Boudih


0:02 - Introduction

0:04 - Which tech topic have you been interested in recently?

0:11 - The nature of UX design field.

0:13 - With the absence of UX design schools in Morocco, are there actually any Moroccan experienced UX designers out there?

0:17 - The reason behind the lack of experience with UX design and the importance of UX design.

0:29 - How should a beginner approach the developer roadmap?

0:36 - How to get a remote job in companies abroad as a developer?

0:45 - What are your thoughts about .NET?

0:49 - How will the coronavirus impact the software industry?

0:54 - Common Javascript concepts every Reactjs or Nodejs job seeker has to be familiar with.

0:59 - Why don't some universities and schools teach Git in their computer science classes?

1:04 - How to manage your learning with the over availability of online courses?

1:10 - How to prepare for an IT job interview?

1:11 - How to find repositories to contribute in?

1:15 - What are Dark Patterns?

1:20 - What would you recommend for building portfolio and blogging websites in terms of tools, frameworks or platforms?

1:23 - How to Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities in an IoT Environment?

1:30 - What is your approach to understanding and working on complex concepts?

1:36 - How can I contribute to React?

1:42 - Monorepo or polyrepo for microservice architecture?

1:45 - The actual state of using Cloud services infrastructure in Morocco?

1:46 - How do you collaborate with the operations team?

1:50 - Why Rust is getting popular?

1:58 - Wrap up and goodbye.



Prepared and Presented by :

Youssouf EL Azizi