August 22, 2019

Freelancing in Morocco

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, Geeksblabla team with the amazing Ahmed and Moukhliss talk about Freelance in Morocco, How to get a freelance job, and deal with the client professionally, also how to count the time/money of the project? and much more.


0:00 - Introduction and guests intro

0:06 - What are the different kinds of freelancing?

0:09 - How can you find your first freelancing client?

0:12 - How to deal with the contract and paperwork when finding a Client?

0:20 - How to professionally deal with clients?

0:26 - What pay interval can Moroccan freelancers expect?

0:27 - How Freelancers can manage savings for retirement and insurance etc?

0:33 - How to determine the project's scope and effectively estimate cost and time?

0:38 - How to ensure that the client will pay and how to deal with them when they refuse to pay?

0:46 - How can you scale and boost your career as a freelancer?

0:53 - Can I be employed and still work as a freelancer?

0:55 - What's the perfect time to make the switch and become a freelancer?

0:58 - What advice can you give to beginners to land their first gig?

0:59 - Is part-time freelancing possible with Moroccan clients?

1:00 - Are there teams that work on big freelancing projects?

1:01 - Is it better to work with one client for a long period of time or multiple clients for shorter periods of time?

1:02 - What are the required skills to start a freelancing business as a software architect?

1:06 - What is the difference between working as an "Autoentrepreneur" or open a web development agency?

1:07 - What's the difference between Moroccan and international freelance opportunities?

1:09 - Learn to always educate and depend on yourself!

1:10 - Outro and wrap up.




Prepared and Presented by:

Soufian El Foukahi

Mohammed Abboulait