January 24, 2019

Blockchain & CryptoCurrency with Badr Bellaj

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, The team and Badr Talk about Blockchain & CryptoCurrency


Badr Bellaj


0:00 - Episode Introduction and Guests Intro

0:03 - What is Cryptocurrency?

0:16 - What is the difference between the private consortium and the Blockchain?

0:22 - How do new nodes join the public blockchain?

0:25 - What is the meaning of "Mining" and why we need it?

0:34 - Do Cryptocurrencies encourage illegal activities and money laundering?

0:38 - What is "Forking"?

0:43 - What is the difference between "Soft fork" and "Hard fork"?

0:46 - Is there a precise time for the Ethereum fork?

0:47 - What are "Distributed Operations" in the context of Cryptocurrency?

0:52 - Do Blockchain solution providers have control over the applications?

0:58 - What is "Proof of Stake"?

1:02 - What are the use cases of the Blockchain other than Cryptocurrency?

1:07 - Can we do business with the Blockchain in Morocco?

1:08 - What are the required skills to become a Blockchain developer?

1:17 - What companies are looking for Blockchain developers?

1:19 - The future of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies from the point of view of Badr?

1:23 - What are some of the Blockchain hot topics?




Blockchain by example

Prepared and Presented by :

Mohammed Aboullaite

Mohamed Ez-zarghili