September 19, 2020

.NET Deep Dive

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss with our guests the overall basic and advanced concepts of .NET.



0:01 - Introduction

0:03 - What exactly is .NET?

0:10 - What is the history of .NET and how did it become open source?

0:23 - How did Microsoft make .NET cross-platform?

0:25 - How to execute a .NET file in Linux?

0:34 - Is it relevant to compare Spring Boot and/or Laravel with .NET?

0:40 - .NET job opportunities, locally vs abroad.

0:49 - Is it worth it to learn .NET?

0:59 - .NET IDE on cloud.

1:07 - Is there some aspects where .NET Core shines the most compared to other stacks?

1:14 - How is package management done in .NET world?

1:16 - What are the basic .NET concepts that every .NET developer has to be familiar with?

1:24 - How to get started with .NET?

1:29 - What are the development tools that you use frequently?

1:37 - How to write performant code with .NET?

1:41 - .NET garbage collection.

1:45 - ASP.NET vs .NET Core

1:46 - What about some famous projects build with .NET?

1:51 - Hosting for .NET web applications.

1:52 - .NET resources and courses.

2:03 - What are the most popular libraries in C#?

2:07 - Wrap up and goodbye.


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