December 29, 2019

Geeksblabla MSS with Yassine El Kachchani

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss startuping with Yassine, the CEO of United Remote.


Yassine El Kachchani


0:03 - Who is Yassine El Kachchani?

0:06 - Were you interested in entrepreneurship as a student?

0:10 - What lessons did you learn from your very first company?

0:12 - Brief talk about

0:16 - How did you come up with the idea of Hidden Founders after two failed companies?

0:22 - Can you talk a bit about the success of Hidden Founders?

0:30 - Why did you kill Hidden Founders in favor of United Remote despite the former's success?

0:34 - Does 3% equity translate to 3% of profit or to 3% of shares?

0:35 - What do you mean by a tiny project? An MVP, a landing page or what exactly?

0:37 - Are there Moroccan incubators that offer training or financing that you can recommend?

0:39 - What is the most important thing when it comes to creating your first startup?

0:43 - How is the startup ecosystem in Morocco and how will it be in 2020?

0:52 - Best book to recommend for startuppers?

0:55 - Is there a secret to successfully launch a business in Morocco?

1:01 - Can you launch an online product without having a legal form?

1:02 - Can you include online payment in your product if you don't have a legal form?

1:04 - What advice would you give to someone who has an idea and wants to build a startup around it?

1:08 - Do you think that Moroccan startups can change the state of Morocco in the upcoming years?

1:11 - Brief discussion about information exchange, and lack thereof.

1:18 - What skills do you look for in developers?

1:22 - How do you define company culture?

1:26 - What advice would you give Moroccan entrepreneurs?

1:35 - Is there going to be a third Bizness B Nab season? If so, when?

1:55 - The best way for Moroccan companies to resist brain drain and turnover?

2:05 - Besides money, why should one build a startup?

2:11 - Conclusion


Prepared and Presented by :

Meriem Zaid

Mohammed Aboullaite

Soufian El Foukahi