October 13, 2018

MSS with Amine Raghib

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, our guest Amine Raghib - a writer and founder of the Professional Blog , and he is also known for his episodes on a YouTube channel of the same name that has achieved great success attracting millions of viewers - will share his story.


Amine Raghib


0:00 - Introduction and welcoming.

0:01 - Who is Amine Raghib?

0:03 - How your dream began?

0:06 - When you started as a web developer more than 10 years ago? How was the web experience back then?

0:08 - Has anyone helped you get started?

0:12 - How did you get the idea of ​​creating content the first time?

0:14 - What is the difference between white hat hackers and black hat hackers?

0:17 - What can you advise who wants to start creating IT content in Arabic?

0:22 - Did you see that the Arab technical content will be improved?

0:31 - The free content and the donations.

0:33 - Have you thought about helping young people, so Arabic content will be rich?

0:36 - The problem is that people who provide good content do not support others.

0:39 - the problem of criticizing content creators.

0:44 - what are the difficulties that you affront when you want to create content to different cultures and countries?

0:47 - Do you think that the technical competitions do not let us know the true Moroccan level of technology.

0:54 - Does the problem lie in finding ideas for applying ideas?

0:59 - Moroccan mentality, and tech events .

1:03 - What mistakes have you made in your career?.

1:10 - Is the transition from providing deep technical content to simple content, a good decision for you?.

1:12 - What is the funniest thing, your follower asked for?

1:15 - how the sponsors came to you? , and how you choose the sponsors?

1:18 - What is the last advice you give to anyone who wants to blog and create content in Arabic?

1:23 - How do you see the presence of Moroccans in technology? and have ever seen someone who marked you?

2:15 - Wrap up & bye bye


Almohtarif Channel

Prepared and Presented by :

Mohammed Aboullaite

El Foukahi Soufian

Amine Maarouf