December 26, 2018

MSS with Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime!

In this episode of GeeksBlabla, we discuss with Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime about his success story.


Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime


00:01 - Who is Mohamed Zakariae El Khdime?

00:03 - What is your academic background?

00:06 - did you study in any public high school?

00:20 - How did you switch from developement to security?

00:22 - What is cybersecurity?

00:25 - Why do hackers always wear hoodies? Behind the stereotype?

00:26 - What is your first project in entrepreneurship?

00:31 - How to start a career in cybersecurity?

00:33 - How to found a startup in Dubai?

00:46 - Advice for people who want to found a startup.

00:46 - What kind of knowledge and amount of capital required for someone to take on entrepreneurship?

00:51 - How did you manage to get funds?

00:59 - What are your future plans, and what kind of advice could you give to someone who wants to get into cybersecurity?

01:10 - Mohammed Aboullaite: Thanking DevC team and launch DevC projects for 2019

01:24 - Goodbye!

Prepared and Presented by :

Mohammed Aboullaite

Soufian El Foukahi